Visual Culture / Art Crit + Hist                  Jessie Zechnowitz

is a compilation of my essays and journal entries with occasional asides that delight or enrage me. I live on the border of Berkeley and Oakland in the SF Bay Area.

I was born and reared in a small Florida town that edges the Atlantic Ocean and the smell of mildew and cigarettes will always be nostalgic for me. The day after high school graduation my best friend and I packed ourselves into a truck and drove west to San Diego where we were met with more cigarettes and less mildew.

In 2008 I backpacked along the eastern coast of South America following a semester of school in Buenos Aires. The teeming cites with their blend of colonial decay and dog-poop covered sidewalks enchanted me. I began to think about the colonized vs. colonizer, the north vs. south, decay vs. construction. I decided that although I had studied English Lit and Anthropology up until that point, what I really wanted to prod with a stick and brand as my own was the bull(shit) of visual culture.

I eventually got my BA in Art History from UC Berkeley and now I’m attempting an MA in the same subject at SFSU. I’m also co-founder of a collaborative art space in Berkeley, Oxtail Studio & Gallery and the Studio Manager at Emotive Brand in Oakland.

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